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As founders of a web development company we've seen that there is a large gap in the market of skills for front end web developers familiar with the latest generation of technologies including HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, and JavaScript.

There are lots of positions available and not the candidate set with the skills to fill them.

This six week course is meant for beginning and intermediate developers looking to get up to speed in web semantics and best practices for HTML5.


Pascal Rettig is the lead developer of Cyköd and has a Masters of Engineering and B.S from MIT in Computer Science. He has been doing Web Development for over 15 years. He is also a Visiting Faculty member at the School of the Museum of Fine Art teaching Web Design.

Martha Rettig is the creative director at Cyköd, has a BA in Graphic Design, and is currently working towards an MFA at MassArts Dynamic Media Institute. She worked in the print and advertising industry before launching Cyköd. She will be teaching Web Design I at MassArt in the Fall.

WhenMondays 7-9PM
Location Cykod

    • HTML basics + semantic structure
    • That does it mean? What is google looking for?
    • The perfect chop
    • Layout basics
    • CSS styling
    • Design best practices
    • Graceful degradation
    • Responsive Design
    • JavaScript
    • jQuery + Ajax
    • Server side
    • Building a Blather Client

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